Tuesday, October 15, 2013

FIFA 14 - Petition

Today I want to express the issues that everyone is having and hopefully have you all sign this petition.  I did not start this petition, some one from the EA FIFA forums did and basically have to agree with everything that was stated in it.

After the 1.02 Patch that the developers brought out, FIFA has dramatically changed once again.  Pace abuse is back along with no mid-field game play!  Pro clubs is completely broken with the fact 1st touch and momentum is not realistic at all.  I'm sorry but to change direction with a player it should not feel like I'm steering a tugboat, and for those who are wondering I don't just hold the sprint button down constantly.  In fact, I only use sprint sparingly when I see an opening or advantage on my opponent.

Along with the momentum is the high pressure.  While I don't have an opinion with people abusing high pressure,  I want to be able to counter that and it's literally IMPOSSIBLE with the momentum, first touch, and the button delay this game now has (like WTF happened with that)???  Each year EA changes FIFA for the worse when they didn't even need to touch that.  Why is it in FIFA 13 their was no button lag but now heaven for bid I go to cross or shoot and my guy decides to take ANOTHER step or 2 and by the time he gets the ball of his foot its usually defended!

So besides that little rant, I encourage anyone who actually reads this crap to do us all a favor and just sign this petition.  Who knows if it will work or not, but we will know for sure if you don't sign!


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