Thursday, November 21, 2013

FIFA 14 - Bid Bumpers

Q: So what exactly is a bid bumper?

A: When a person sells a FIFA Ultimate Team card and bid's up the price from a second account, hoping to catch you off guard and bid an absurd amount you generally would never pay for a card

Example:  Ibrahimovic usually sells between 1.2 - 1.3 million (11/21/2013) so what the bid bumper will do is create an auction at a price usually 150 coins.  They will always be an hour long because the real action doesn't begin until the 30 second mark anyways.  So say if Ibrahimovic was 1.1 million with 30 seconds to go with all the quick back and forth bidding going on by two legit bidders, the "Bid Bumper" will get on his second account a make a massive bid of 2.12 million.  If you not paying attention and this happens more often then not, you will post a bid of 1.221 million or whatever the next minimum bid is and you just "won" the auction.

How to avoid:

Look for outrageous Buy it now Prices.  If you see an auction of a guy who is doubled, tripled or even more in price, Stay clear!

Don't bid on the Web app.  It will automatically change your bid to the next minimum bid allowed and thus catching you off guard.  Use the in game transfer market to bid on big players.  It takes your coins temporary until you lost a bid forcing you to back out and replenish your coins into your account.

List Of Bid Bumpers to be aware of:

  • MotherRussia
  • Pudre Colchones

Feel Free to leave a comment with other bid bumping encounters! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

FIFA 14 - Petition

Today I want to express the issues that everyone is having and hopefully have you all sign this petition.  I did not start this petition, some one from the EA FIFA forums did and basically have to agree with everything that was stated in it.

After the 1.02 Patch that the developers brought out, FIFA has dramatically changed once again.  Pace abuse is back along with no mid-field game play!  Pro clubs is completely broken with the fact 1st touch and momentum is not realistic at all.  I'm sorry but to change direction with a player it should not feel like I'm steering a tugboat, and for those who are wondering I don't just hold the sprint button down constantly.  In fact, I only use sprint sparingly when I see an opening or advantage on my opponent.

Along with the momentum is the high pressure.  While I don't have an opinion with people abusing high pressure,  I want to be able to counter that and it's literally IMPOSSIBLE with the momentum, first touch, and the button delay this game now has (like WTF happened with that)???  Each year EA changes FIFA for the worse when they didn't even need to touch that.  Why is it in FIFA 13 their was no button lag but now heaven for bid I go to cross or shoot and my guy decides to take ANOTHER step or 2 and by the time he gets the ball of his foot its usually defended!

So besides that little rant, I encourage anyone who actually reads this crap to do us all a favor and just sign this petition.  Who knows if it will work or not, but we will know for sure if you don't sign!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

FIFA 14 - Custom Tactics

Custom tactics have become a pretty significant role for the intermediate player on FIFA.  I want to show you and explain some custom tactics that I have found working, whether you play FUT, Seasons, or any other mode online. This is a guideline of what you can use depending on your play style.  I use a 4 man defence with a target man in the box.  So my style may differentiate then yours!

The first part of business before knowing which tactic to run is to scout your opponents formation before the beginning of kick-off.  If he happens to run a 4-1-2-1-2 that is a narrow formation, but on the contrary if it's a 4-3-3 that would be wide.  Keep in mind what this is because we are going to use the team width to counter his tactics.

Custom tactics

Build Up Play
  • Speed - 65/70 - Players look to break more for through passes
  • Passing - 50 Keep it balanced looking for short and long passes
  • Positioning - Organized Players stay in their designated position
Chance Creation 
  • Passing - 20/30 This keeps everyone at home and lets you control an attacker if you want him to run (L1/Lb).  Also helps if you get countered quite often in games.
  • Crossing - 70 -This is totally dependent on your team. I use a target man which helps me be more successful crossing into the box.  If you don't have the players put this below 50.
  • Shooting - 70/75 - Players find a position for the first time shot.  I use around 70 so this could be tweaked to your play style.
  • Positioning - Organized 
Defence Settings
  • Pressure 20* and 75* - 20 defends the lobbed passes and 75 goes closer to midfield and attack the opposing team. 
  • Aggression - around 40/50 - The lower the aggression the more your defence contains, the higher aggression the more they take that sliding tackle.  Not a bad idea to mix in different settings along with pressure to keep your opponent guessing all game.
  • Team Width* - Narrow to counter against 4-1-2-1-2 wide to counter 4-3-3 (examples)
  • Defender line - Cover - totally dependent on your style, I don't use offside trap often however if your good at it then use that setting!
*Make 2 different custom tactics so you can constantly switch mid-game.

With the defence you will have to spend some time and make your custom tactics to where you want them to be.  Two separate tactics to counter the opponents formations and 2 tactics to have both high and low pressure.  Example, your opponent receives the ball after a missed shot and he is on the counter,  You would have a set custom tactic on the D-Pad quickly switch the low pressure to have your back Defenders playing the lob ball.  When your defence is fully back switch back the high pressure on the D-pad that you will assign! Hope the will help some of you with custom tactics.  For a lot of people (including myself) it is over looked and not use.  This can change the game and help you dominate possession and put you in a position to win more games!

Good Luck! 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

FIFA 14 - Defending

In this segment I will show you some tips that I use to help defend in FIFA 14.  The main thing you have to keep in mind is patience.  If you are trying to bum rush your opponent off the ball like you are used to in previous versions, well you are going to be in for a rude awakening.  I'll break down a few sections of each button and how to get the best out of your situation.  This is good for people who are new to the game but more directly to people that have had played previous versions.  I shouldn't have to explain when to clear a ball and etc.


  1. Use your contain when your in the box and out of position.  Don't rely on this as your main defend though!  Contain is just what it means, to control or restrain.  IF your opponent is using a lot of skills and/or is using his shield wait for the opportune time to let get of the contain button and run in with a standing tackle. 
  2.  Use your running jockey in conjunction with contain.  Now let me explain what I mean about this.  You will have total freedom of control when you jockey, BUT it's harder to control the player.  So when defending your opponent tap and hold the contain button for a second or two, this will allow you to get back into position, read your opponent and make a play
Teammate Contain

  1. The famous double rush and sometimes even triple rush as everyone may know it, however don't abuse this because you can be burnt very badly if done so!  Using teammate contain is a great way to shut down 1-2 passes.  Have your teammate contain the guy with the ball (holding R1 PS3) and while you manually control your guy shut down the passing lane.  If your guy gets slightly beat, hold the tackle button to maintain with him.  This is a good way to defend the people that like to run 1-2 passes with every person that gets possession with the ball.
  2. When in side the box or just right outside, it's also a good idea to start doubling up and using a teammate contain as well.  Just watch out for the 1-2 pass and by gauging your opponent through out the game, you will know when to do this
  1. I really cant stress this enough but being patient is really a factor that will benefit you in the long run.  Learning your opponents moves is a key factor; does he 1-2 pass, play the wings and cross in, or just simply lob it over the top? Once you gauge your opponent after about 20-30 minutes game time, you make adjustments and play accordingly.  Don't always bum rush but wait for the opportune moment; ex. he fakes shots always when running down the wing to cut it in back inside.  If he always doing this, anticipate it and cut him off and start your counter!
Hope this gives some helpful insight, if there are any other questions about defending leave a comment and I will address my opinion.  Add me on PSN if you want a match - Bamf_0207

Have a great day! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

FIFA 14 Celebrations List

Hey guys,

Here I am going to have the list of all the celebrations in FIFA 14, along side the pre-order special from Gamestop!  I figure if you see a list on a separate machine aside the ps3 or Xbox 360, this would be easier to comprehend when performing your taunts against your opponents! If you would like a request for Skill Moves I would be happy to assist, just leave a comment saying so! Have Fun

GameStop Pre-Order Budle
  • The Business - Hold L1/LB Flick RS DOWN X 2
  • Chicken Dance - Hold L1/LB Flick RS UP then DOWN
  • Heart Symbol - Flick RS DOWN then HOLD RS DOWN
  • Muevelo - Hold L1/LB Flick RS RIGHT then LEFT
  • The Bear - Hold L1/LB HOLD RS UP
  • Riding the Cat - Hold L1/LB HOLD RS DOWN
  • Le Cirque Labelle - Hold L2/LT Flick RS DOWN then UP
  • Belly Flop - Hold L1/LB Press X (Xbox) SQUARE (PS3)
  • Gallop Dance - Hold L1/LB CLICK RS 
  • Patty Cake - Hold L1/LB Flick RS Right X 2 
  • Riding the Wave - Hold L1/LB Press Y (Xbox) Triangle (PS3)
  • Point to the Sky - Hold L1/LB Press B (Xbox) Circle (PS3)
  • Calm Down - Hold L1/LB Double Tap Y (Xbox) Triangle (PS3)

Running Moves Selection 1
  • One Arm Raised - Hold B (Xbox) Circle (PS3)
  • Thumb Suck - Hold X (Xbox) Square (PS3)
  • Ear Twist - Hold Y (Xbox) Triangle (PS3)
  • Finger Points - Tap B Hold B (Xbox) Tap Circle Hold Circle (PS3)
  • Arms Out - Tap X Hold X (Xbox) Tap Square Hold Square (PS3)
  • Wrist Flick - Tap Y Hold Y (Xbox) Tap Triangle Hold Triangle (PS3)
Running Moves Selection 2
  • Aeroplane - Hold RS
  • Shhhhh! - Hold RS Right
  • Telephone - Hold RS Down
  • Can You Hear Me? - Hold RS Left
  • Hands Out - Flick RS Right then Hold RS Left
  • Come On! - Flick RS Left then Hold RS Right

Running Moves Selection 3
  • Blow Kisses - Flick RS Down then Hold RS U
  • Double Arm Swing - Flick RS Up then Hold RS Down
  • Flying Bird - Flick RS Right then Hold Right 
  • Hand on Head - Flick RS Left then hold Left 
  • Arms Pointing Up - Flick RS up then Hold UP
  • Wingmill - Spin RS Clockwise
Finishing Moves Selection 1
  • Show Respect - Hold L1/LB Double Tap B (Xbox) Circle (PS3) 
  • Bottom Dance - Hold L1/LB Double Tap X (Xbox) Square (PS3)
Finishing Moves Selection 2
  • Punch and Dodge - Hold L1/LB Hold RS Left
  • Chest Slide - Hold L1/LB Flick RS Down then Up
  • Head Shake - Hold L1/LB Flick RS Left then Right
  • Signature Move - Press A (Xbox) X (PS3)
Finishing Moves Selection 3
  • Back Flip (Agile Players Only) - Hold L1/LB Flick RS UP X 2
  • Hand Spring (Agile Players Only) - Hold L1/LB Spin RS Clockwise
  • Double Back Flip (Agile Players Only) - Hold L1/LB Spin RS Counter-Clockwise
  • Shoe Shine - Hold L2/LT Press B (Xbox) Circle (PS3)
Finishing Moves Selection 4
  • Violinist - Hold L2/LT Press X (Xbox) Square (PS3)
  • Spanish Archer - Hold L2/LT Press Y (Xbox) Triangle (PS3)
  • Movember - Hold L2/LT Double tap B (Xbox) Circle (PS3)
  • Hands on Ears - Hold L2/LT Double Tap X (Xbox) Square (PS3)
  • Heel Taps - Hold L2/LT Double Tap Y (Xbox) Triangle (PS3)
  • Knee Slide Arms Out - Hold L2/LT Hold RS Up
  • I Can't Hear you - Hold L2/LT Hold RS Right
Finishing Moves Selection 5
  • Side Slide - Hold L2/LT Hold RS Down
  • Brick Fail - Hold L2/LT Hold RS Left
  • Knee Slide - Hold L2/LT Flick RS Up Then Down
  • Samba Dance - Hold L2/LT Flick RS Left then Right
  • Who Am I - Hold L2/LT Flick RS Right then Left 
  • Front Flip (Agile Players) or Torero - Hold L2/LT Flick RS Up X 2
Finishing Moves Selection 6
  • Knee Slide to Sit - Hold L2/LT Flick RS Down X 2
  • Bird Walk - Hold L2/LT Flick RS Left X 2
  • Flip (Agile Players) or Cartwheel - Hold L2/LT Spin RS Clockwise 
  • Twist Flip (Agile Players) or Cartwheel Roll - Hold L2/LT Spin RS Counter-Clockwise
  • Robot - Hold L2/LT Press RS
Finishing Moves Selection 7
  • If I Catch You - Hold R2/RT Press RS 
  • Why Always Me - Hold R1/RB Double Tap Y (Xbox) Triangle (PS3) 
  • Surfer - Hold R1/RB Hold RS Left
  • Kiss The Pitch - Hold R2/RT Double Tap B (Xbox) Circle (PS3)
  • Pit Bull - Hold R1/RB Press B (Xbox) Circle (PS3)
Finishing Moves Selection 8
  • The Salute - Hold R1/RB Press Y (Xbox) Triangle (PS3)
  • Water Hose - Hold R2/RT Flick RS Down X 2
  • Peacock - Hold R1/RB Double Tap B (Xbox) Circle (PS30
  • Telling Off - Hold R2/RT Press B (Xbox) Circle (PS3)
  • Moonwalk - Hold R1/RB Flick RS Right X 2
Pro Unlockables Selection 1
  • Many Bows - Hold R2/RT Hold RS Up
  • Pardon - Hold R2/RT Hold RS Right
  • Fall To Knees & Beg - Hold R2/RT Hold RS Down
Pro Unlockables Selection 2
  • Backflips - Hold R2/RT Double Tap X (Xbox) Square (PS3)
  • Slide on Back - Hold R1/RB - Double Tap X (Xbox) Square (PS3)
  • Cockroach - Hold R1/RB Press RS
Pro Unlockables Selection 3 
  • River Dance - Hold R1/RB Flick RS Up X 2 
  • Break Dance - Hold R1/RB Flick RS Right X 2
  • Praise on Knees - Hold R2/RT Hold RS Left
Pro Unlockables Selection 4
  • Backwards Worm - Hold R1/RB Spin RS Counter-Clockwise 
  • Uncontrolled Backflip - Hold R2/RT Spin RS Clockwise 
  • Handstand - Hold R2/RT Spin RS Counter-Clockwise
Pro Unlockables Selection 5
  • Spin and Fail - Hold R2/RT Flick RS Up X 2
  • Rowing On Knees - Hold R2/RT Flick RS Left X 2
  • Seated Rowing - Hold R2/RT Flick RS Right X 2
Pro Unlockables Selection 6
  • Knee Walk - Hold R2/RT Press X (Xbox) Square (PS3)
  • Cradle Swing - Hold R2/RT Press Y (Xbox) Triangle (PS3)
  • Baby - Hold R2/RT Double Tap Y (Xbox) Triangle (PS3)
Pro Unlockables Selection 7
  • Flying Dive - Hold R1/RB Hold RS Up
  • Karate Kicks - Hold R1/RB Hold RS Right 
  • Jump Kicks - Hold R1/RB Hold RS Down
Pro Unlockables Selection 8
  • Ice Skating - Hold R1/RB Flick RS Down then Up 
  • Golf Swing - Hold R1/RB Flick RS Left then Right 
Pro Unlockables Selection 9
  • Dance 1 - Hold R2/RT Flick RS Down then Up
  • Dance 2 - Hold R2/RT Flick RS Up then Down
Pro Unlockables Selection 10
  • Dance 3 - Hold R2/RT Flick RS Left then Right
  • Dance 4 - Hold R2/RT Flick RS Right then Left

Friday, September 20, 2013

GTA V Freezing/Installation/Error Code Fix (80010038)

GTA V Freezing/Installation/Error Code Fix (80010038)

My problemI downloaded GTA V from the PSN market the day of release but later in the afternoon.  After the download was complete, I go to install the game and around 11% it  IMMEDIATELY failed and provided the ERROR code (80010038).  After contacting Sony and telling me to restore the file system, rebuild the database, NOTHING still worked!

Then I go to the next desperate step and RESTORE the whole PS3 system.  I backed up all my data on a 2GB flash drive (very simple) and proceed to download the game yet again.  By this time I am on my fourth to fifth attempt trying to install this game!  So after the restore, and after the downloading of GTA V (again), I attempt another install and still 11% nothing!

Right now I am pretty pissed to say the least, every other game I've either downloaded or play from disc I have had no problems what so ever.  So out of curiosity, I open up the PS3 hard drive and clean it up, blow out the dust and so forth and put it back in.  I boot up the PS3 and try the install and Voila it worked! 

So I start up the game, start playing and everything is normal running smooth, UNTIL about 15 to 20 minutes in it FREEZES in the same exact spot!  Then I knew it was a hard drive issue and not necessarily the whole PS3. 

Solution:  I had an old Macbook pro laptop that the logic board completely fried along with the screen not being able to turn on and the battery drained!  So, I open the computer up and take out the hard drive and put it in the PS3.  When you put in a new hard drive you will have to re-format it so the PS3 will be able to recognize it and then you can restore the PS3 as if it were completely new! 

Conclusion:  My conclusion is if you are having any issues with installing, freezing, error codes or anything else out of the norm that you experience ONLY with GTA V, it is time for a new hard drive.  I've had my PS3 slim since about the summer of 2008 I believe and once I upgraded the hard drive (or in my case put a different one in) had no problems with the game so far!


Opening up the Hard Drive PS3 Slim - Click Here
Formatting the PS3/Getting PS 4.46 Update on Flash Drive - Click Here

*UPDATE* Been playing all morning, for about 3 hours with no crashes, freezing or any problem!