Thursday, November 21, 2013

FIFA 14 - Bid Bumpers

Q: So what exactly is a bid bumper?

A: When a person sells a FIFA Ultimate Team card and bid's up the price from a second account, hoping to catch you off guard and bid an absurd amount you generally would never pay for a card

Example:  Ibrahimovic usually sells between 1.2 - 1.3 million (11/21/2013) so what the bid bumper will do is create an auction at a price usually 150 coins.  They will always be an hour long because the real action doesn't begin until the 30 second mark anyways.  So say if Ibrahimovic was 1.1 million with 30 seconds to go with all the quick back and forth bidding going on by two legit bidders, the "Bid Bumper" will get on his second account a make a massive bid of 2.12 million.  If you not paying attention and this happens more often then not, you will post a bid of 1.221 million or whatever the next minimum bid is and you just "won" the auction.

How to avoid:

Look for outrageous Buy it now Prices.  If you see an auction of a guy who is doubled, tripled or even more in price, Stay clear!

Don't bid on the Web app.  It will automatically change your bid to the next minimum bid allowed and thus catching you off guard.  Use the in game transfer market to bid on big players.  It takes your coins temporary until you lost a bid forcing you to back out and replenish your coins into your account.

List Of Bid Bumpers to be aware of:

  • MotherRussia
  • Pudre Colchones

Feel Free to leave a comment with other bid bumping encounters! 

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