Wednesday, September 25, 2013

FIFA 14 - Defending

In this segment I will show you some tips that I use to help defend in FIFA 14.  The main thing you have to keep in mind is patience.  If you are trying to bum rush your opponent off the ball like you are used to in previous versions, well you are going to be in for a rude awakening.  I'll break down a few sections of each button and how to get the best out of your situation.  This is good for people who are new to the game but more directly to people that have had played previous versions.  I shouldn't have to explain when to clear a ball and etc.


  1. Use your contain when your in the box and out of position.  Don't rely on this as your main defend though!  Contain is just what it means, to control or restrain.  IF your opponent is using a lot of skills and/or is using his shield wait for the opportune time to let get of the contain button and run in with a standing tackle. 
  2.  Use your running jockey in conjunction with contain.  Now let me explain what I mean about this.  You will have total freedom of control when you jockey, BUT it's harder to control the player.  So when defending your opponent tap and hold the contain button for a second or two, this will allow you to get back into position, read your opponent and make a play
Teammate Contain

  1. The famous double rush and sometimes even triple rush as everyone may know it, however don't abuse this because you can be burnt very badly if done so!  Using teammate contain is a great way to shut down 1-2 passes.  Have your teammate contain the guy with the ball (holding R1 PS3) and while you manually control your guy shut down the passing lane.  If your guy gets slightly beat, hold the tackle button to maintain with him.  This is a good way to defend the people that like to run 1-2 passes with every person that gets possession with the ball.
  2. When in side the box or just right outside, it's also a good idea to start doubling up and using a teammate contain as well.  Just watch out for the 1-2 pass and by gauging your opponent through out the game, you will know when to do this
  1. I really cant stress this enough but being patient is really a factor that will benefit you in the long run.  Learning your opponents moves is a key factor; does he 1-2 pass, play the wings and cross in, or just simply lob it over the top? Once you gauge your opponent after about 20-30 minutes game time, you make adjustments and play accordingly.  Don't always bum rush but wait for the opportune moment; ex. he fakes shots always when running down the wing to cut it in back inside.  If he always doing this, anticipate it and cut him off and start your counter!
Hope this gives some helpful insight, if there are any other questions about defending leave a comment and I will address my opinion.  Add me on PSN if you want a match - Bamf_0207

Have a great day! 

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