Friday, September 20, 2013

GTA V Freezing/Installation/Error Code Fix (80010038)

GTA V Freezing/Installation/Error Code Fix (80010038)

My problemI downloaded GTA V from the PSN market the day of release but later in the afternoon.  After the download was complete, I go to install the game and around 11% it  IMMEDIATELY failed and provided the ERROR code (80010038).  After contacting Sony and telling me to restore the file system, rebuild the database, NOTHING still worked!

Then I go to the next desperate step and RESTORE the whole PS3 system.  I backed up all my data on a 2GB flash drive (very simple) and proceed to download the game yet again.  By this time I am on my fourth to fifth attempt trying to install this game!  So after the restore, and after the downloading of GTA V (again), I attempt another install and still 11% nothing!

Right now I am pretty pissed to say the least, every other game I've either downloaded or play from disc I have had no problems what so ever.  So out of curiosity, I open up the PS3 hard drive and clean it up, blow out the dust and so forth and put it back in.  I boot up the PS3 and try the install and Voila it worked! 

So I start up the game, start playing and everything is normal running smooth, UNTIL about 15 to 20 minutes in it FREEZES in the same exact spot!  Then I knew it was a hard drive issue and not necessarily the whole PS3. 

Solution:  I had an old Macbook pro laptop that the logic board completely fried along with the screen not being able to turn on and the battery drained!  So, I open the computer up and take out the hard drive and put it in the PS3.  When you put in a new hard drive you will have to re-format it so the PS3 will be able to recognize it and then you can restore the PS3 as if it were completely new! 

Conclusion:  My conclusion is if you are having any issues with installing, freezing, error codes or anything else out of the norm that you experience ONLY with GTA V, it is time for a new hard drive.  I've had my PS3 slim since about the summer of 2008 I believe and once I upgraded the hard drive (or in my case put a different one in) had no problems with the game so far!


Opening up the Hard Drive PS3 Slim - Click Here
Formatting the PS3/Getting PS 4.46 Update on Flash Drive - Click Here

*UPDATE* Been playing all morning, for about 3 hours with no crashes, freezing or any problem!  


  1. Your conditions (ps3 slim from 2008, only GTA V having problems, etc...) are EXACTLY the same that I have, I'll do the same as you, change my hd for a new one (seagate 500gb). My only concern is about the time that the ps3 takes to format/scan the new hd, how long has your ps3 took to do this?

  2. To install the Hard Drive Physically maybe about 10 Mins. Then getting the software up date and reformatting it took maybe 30 mins in total? Its actually fairly quick to do. Email me if you have any problems!

  3. Had exactly the same problem as you. FOllowed your steps and switched HDD. But the same problem still occurs. Ive been trying on two different PS3s now (1 slim and 1 fat).

    Any other suggestions? Do you think it could be the disc? Then i have to go exchange disc ASAP on monday.

  4. Ok, it's crazy to do that.. I have 300gb of games on my ps3 320 hdd, it works 5-10 hours a day and I newer had any problem with my console. except now with GTAV. They need to find that bug and to fix it. Is's completely crazy to say customers to change hardware if any other software on that hardware works perfect :)

  5. Anyway thanks for sharing information, I think we will have to wait rockstar to fix that problem..

  6. I agree with you Nenad, changing hardware and such is ridiculous and shouldn't happen. I knew my hard drive was on the brink and had some issues so that's when I tried changing the hard drive.

    @Thomas I would try cleaning the laser with a disc cleaning kit to see if that helps with the install from the CD.